PALM COAT 3/4 in Black Fox

PALM COAT 3/4 in Black Fox


The Palm Coat is the most exquisite fur design, exquisite to wear day and night. Its unique design with Fox fur (available in different colors) and goat hair detail create a magical movement and softness to each of these pieces.

This style is offered in Short or 3/4 length. 


COLOR: Black

SKIN: Fox with goat hair in same color

Sizing for PALM COAT SHORT: (inches) 

                S / M          M/ L

Bust         40"           42"    

Waist       40"           42"                                    

Hip           40"           42"    

Length      20"          21"

Sleeve       12"           13"

** Please note that because these are natural skins they might have imperfections. 

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